Digital Built World Summit

18-19 February 2025 | Doltone House, Darling Island, Sydney + Virtual

Leveraging digital technology to design, build and operate resilient infrastructure and sustainable cities


Leveraging digital technology to design, build and operate resilient infrastructure and sustainable cities

The Digital Built World Summit is where leaders from across the technology, operations, asset management, engineering and project management functions have come together since 2022 to learn how to combine and harness analytics, automation, digital creativity, and emerging technologies throughout the whole lifecycle of a project, from inception and design, to construction, management, maintenance and retrofit.

In 2025, we’ll be focusing on the theme of “creating high performance assets” where 300 key stakeholders from across the transportation, energy, water utilities, real estate and broader infrastructure sector will attend to hear the latest insights, source cutting edge solutions and network with peers.

They will attend to:

  • See new products showcased across the built industries including smart assets, digital design and industry workflows/practices.
  • Gain access to an exclusive circle of organisations and solve the biggest issues facing the industry.
  • Explore current technology, future projects and collaboration potential across leading organisations.
  • Network with over 300 industry leading professionals.

Summit will start in...

Digital Built World Summit 2024

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The Program

The 2023 Program

The Digital Built World Summit is Asia-Pacific’s premier event for executives in the AEC, Smart City, Construction and Infrastructure space focused on improving digital business outcomes, including strategic innovation, connected assets, sustainable construction, user experience, and optimisation of capital planning for large assets.

The Digital Built World Summit 2025 will bring together senior leaders to discuss the following topics:

Past Speakers

Steve Lette

Head of Digital and Insights, Endeavour Energy

Joe Travis

Senior Director, Solutions Engineering, Bentley Systems

Scott Selkirk

Director Extended Reality, Mott MacDonald

Alrun Wigand

Digital Strategist, Energy Queensland

Sarath Kodagoda

Professor of Robotics, Director, UTS Robotics Institute

Sam Yenamandra

Manager - Asset Strategy & Performance, Murrumbidgee Irrigation

Rebecca De Cicco

Principal of Global Digital Operations, Aurecon

Simon Vaux

CEO & Co-Founder, DEOS Digital
DBW Summit 2023

Conference Schedule

Day 1 | Tuesday | 27th February



Chair’s introduction: Thinking Twins – the next step in AI for infrastructure

Sruthi Sahebjada, Integrated Operations Planning Leader, Urban Utilities

OPENING ADDRESS: Harnessing AI in monitoring and the journey to autonomous electricity networks

As more functions become automated and controlled through centralised locations, the more the road is paved for the endgame: autonomous electricity networks. We see how this journey is being progressed within Endeavor’s twin enabled data science program.

Steve Lette, Head of Digital and Insights, Endeavour Energy

CASE STUDY: Unlocking infrastructure intelligence from generation to past the meter

Understanding the integrity of your grid through a digital twin can reduce outages, meet the increasing demand while reducing operational costs. In this session see how a digital twin can be leveraged at each stage of the power lifecycle, from generation, through transmission, to distribution, and even past the meter. 

Joe Travis, Senior Director, Solutions Engineering, Bentley Systems

OPENING PANEL: Sharing experiences of digital innovation in the built environment

Understanding the integrity of your grid through a digital twin can reduce outages, meet the increasing demand while reducing operational costs. In this session see how a digital twin can be leveraged at each stage of the power lifecycle, from generation, through transmission, to distribution, and even past the meter. 

Varhun Prasad, Director of Solutions Engineering, Australia and New Zealand, Cupix
Ben May, Digital Director – Buildings + Places, ANZ, AECOM
Keri Niven, Digital Practice Leader, NZ, Aurecon
Katharina Gerstmann, Global Lead for Technical Excellence & Innovation T&I, WSP
Bassem Assad, Lead Digital Engineering, Department Of Transport And Planning

Morning networking break



CASE STUDY: NSW Spatial Digital Twin – Creating a collaboration platform to create value for NSW

The NSW Spatial Digital Twin is a powerful interactive live data sharing, collaboration and visualisation tool accessible from an Internet browser, which captures 3D and 4D spatial data to model the urban environment.

Wayne Patterson, Program Director Live NSW, Department of Customer Service

CASE STUDY: Digital Twin Victoria – Developing spatial twin end use strategies

High quality authoritative, and easy to access data is the first step but, we can’t ignore the human element of how decisions are really made and understood. A spatial digital twin has a key role in integrated, connected decision-making.

Alena Moison, Principal Technology and Strategy, Digital Twin Victoria Program, Department of Transport and Planning

Unlocking the potential of digital twins for innovation in intelligent water networks

From smart meters to intelligent network build outs – sharing the water sectors journey and foundations required for digital transformation using digital twins.

Greg Ryan, Director Business Excellence, Water Services Association of Australia

Lifecycle thinking, the foundation for Digital Twin value

Our industry is no stranger to step changes in technology. Digital Twins provide the potential for a revolution in the operations phase, but can this be achieved using the same approach during planning, design and construction? We’ll explore this topic and discuss Lifecycle thinking, with examples from customers around the world and how to make the business case for Digital Twins truly stack up. 

Rolf Jerving, CEO, dRofus, Vice President, Nemetschek Group
Chris Razzell, Managing Director & Chief Revenue Officer, dRofus

Networking lunch & exhibition viewing


AUDIENCE POLL - AI-DT challenges: business case, staff expertise and time to value

The real-world of power fleet operations is inexact and messy and there are a lot of complex trade-offs between service and cost. Digital twins are proving to be a powerful framework for improving performance and increasing the value of the power station.



Delegates split into moderated roundtables to share experiences of DTs and AI. Pick the discussion that most interests you. Our moderators provide a summary of the feedback. 


Roundtable 1 – Developing and managing an integrated operations centre 

Sruthi Sahebjada, Integrated Operations Planning Leader, Urban Utilities 

Roundtable 2 – Digital Twin handover: Working effectively with operators 

Marelise Armstrong, Digital Engineering Lead, WSP 

Roundtable 3 – Developing new digital engineering talent for AI twins and retaining staff 

Rebecca De Cicco, Principal, Digital Enablement, Aurecon, and Global Chair, Women in BIM 

Roundtable 4 – Buying Twin Platform or developing it inhouse? 

Stephen Witherden, Product Strategy Manager, Beca 

Roundtable 5 – AI Digital Twin Data Strategies for Cities 

Tom Pennington, VP and Global Advisory Lead, Smart Cities Council 

Roundtable 6 – Asset Twins: From Design to Build

Brad Thompson, Senior Water Infrastructure Asset Manager – AEC Design, Autodesk 

Roundtable 7 – Exploring the role of AI in digital twin technology

Michael Pointon, Account Development Executive, Bluebeam 

Sruthi Sahebjada, Integrated Operations Planning Leader, Urban Utilities
Marelise Armstrong, Digital Engineering Lead, WSP
Rebecca De Cicco, Principal of Global Digital Operations, Aurecon
Stephen Witherden, Product Strategy Manager, Beca
Tom Pennington, VP and Global Advisory Lead, Smart Cities Council
Brad Thompson, Senior Water Infrastructure Asset Manager – AEC Design, Autodesk
Michael Pointon, Account Development Executive , Bluebeam

Twinning for Success – The Power of Truly Connected Intelligent Assets

Unlock the power of data-driven decision-making in our data-rich era. Explore the significance of truly connected intelligent assets for optimising both capital and operational budgets. Learn how truly connected assets can empower better asset management, driving success and efficiency in resource utilisation. 

Magnolia Garcia, Solution Engineer - Infrastructure, ANZ, Autodesk

Networking break

With all the buzz around digital twins, we spend far too much time speaking about the technology and forget that people, process, and information are the keys to delivering lasting value. This presentation will share three case studies to demonstrate critical success factors for implementing digital twins on operating assets. 



AUDIENCE POLL - AI futures: AI performance, control centres, and asset automation

We consider what asset owners are asking for in terms of digital frameworks to help manage their sustainable asset responsibilities and how the AEC sector is responding. Are owners willing to pay for twinning digital data at project handover and do they have the capabilities to actually use that data for operational benefits?


CASE STUDY: Land domain Digital Twin for data-driven decision-making

Through the lens of the Land Domain Digital Twin, we examine how precise questions can drive capability acceleration in decision-making. This approach offers a means for aligning data strategies with clear objectives to routinely deliver twin derived value.

Paul Bellas, Digital Twin Product Owner, Defence Australia

How digital twins are transforming offshore wind farm operations

Digital twins have emerged as novel technology in the wind energy sector that enables the design, monitoring and prediction of wind turbine performance. The challenge lies in piecing together the parts of the renewable power system puzzle.

Hema Wadhwa, Remote Operations and Digital Services Manager, ANZ, Worley

CASE STUDY: Carbon Twin: Using Digital Twins to reduce embodied carbon during infrastructure design.

The former gold mining settlement of Kidston in North Queensland is transforming into a renewable energy hub integrating solar and wind generation with pumped storage hydropower that will help the State achieve its Renewable Energy Targets of 70% by 2032. Carbon Twin was developed to help understand carbon hotspots in the design.

Scott Selkirk, Director Extended Reality, Mott MacDonald

Chair’s conclusion - Cocktails and networking

Endeavour Energy is the first electricity network in Australia to deploy an engineering grade digital twin and analytics to combat the impacts of climate change and extreme weather events.

Day 2 | Wednesday | 28th February



Chair’s welcome

Marelise Armstrong, Digital Engineering Lead, WSP

CASE STUDY: Evolution of the intelligent asset program to support the energy transition

The evolution of enabling technologies such as digital twins, data analytics, data visualisation and AI – has enabled the effective transformation of traditional energy businesses into digital utilities. APA Group shares their AI-Twin journey.

Leeanne Chau, Head of Strategy, Transformation and Analytics, APA Group

CASE STUDY: Developing self-healing grids and supporting the clean energy transition

Endeavour Energy is on the cusp of deploying a “self-healing” function that will allow its technicians to restore power to most customers within 70 seconds without having to visit the site physically. The enhancement is on top of creating an electrical digital twin of its network.

Edmund Li, Digital Innovation Manager, Endeavour Energy

PANEL: Evolution of AI and digital twins for smart infrastructure: Making the most of what we have until we figure out autonomous assets

Asset managers will soon have access to a range of new digital-twin-enabled AI services, and service providers are poised to capitalize on this opportunity. We share the experiences of digital practitioners on what they value in this fast-moving space.

Pieter van Schalkwyk, CEO, XMPRO, & co-chair, DTC Natural Resources Working Group
Carl Faulkner, Principal Consultant - Digital Engineering and AM, Asset Connect
Simon Vaux, CEO, DEOS Digital
Emma Stratford, Preventions Team Lead, Urban Utilities
Ryan Davidson, Team Leader, Digital Engineering Office, Information Management Lead - CopperString 2032, Powerlink Queensland

Morning coffee & networking break

Everyone thinks of electric vehicles and renewable energy only as key technologies driving sustainability for cities. But twins can also support sustainable infrastructure and climate mitigation. The challenge is demonstrating the business case.


CASE STUDY: Using digital twins to provide reliable electrification solutions for mining and other industrial and off-road EV fleets

Mining companies at the forefront of the energy transition need to lower emissions and improve productivity. EV fleets are becoming an essential part of sustainable mining and this EV for mining specialist is using digital twins to perfect their development strategy.

Rob Foster, CEO, Geminum

CASE STUDY: Evolving role of digital twins in transport life cycle asset management

Digital twins need accurate data collection across the asset being modelled. This is especially true when the model is an electricity network with variable distributed energy resources. Essential Energy’s new DT data creation strategy aims to fill in the gaps.


TECHTALK PANEL: Innovators in digital services for smart cities, utilities, infrastructure and the built environment

Our panel represents digital innovators with AI, ML, digital twin, GIS and related applications to support intelligent asset and automation programs.

Adam Omansky, Co-founder & CEO, ClimaTwin
Emily Bobis, Founder, Compass IoT
Sisi Zlatanova, Professor, Head of the Geospatial Research Innovation, Faculty of Built Environment, UNSW
Dorota Bacal, Sustainability and Innovation Lead, VinZero A2K - an ARKANCE Company

Networking lunch


CASE STUDY: Energy Queensland digital twin program to transform grid operations and grid planning capabilities

Energy Queensland’s Future Grid strategy includes the adoption of operational and planning Digital Twins, to adapt to growing DER, complex energy ecosystems and rapidly growing need for automation and advanced analytics. We learn about the strategic drivers, early-stage implementation experiences and the value to the business.

Grid Digital Twin – Underpinning near real-time operations and the push to net zero

Terese Milford, Manager Intelligent Grid New Technology, Energy Queensland

Always in motion the future is …– Integrated Grid Planning in an uncertain world

Alrun Wigand, Digital Strategist, Energy Queensland

Alrun Wigand, Digital Strategist, Energy Queensland
Terese Milford, Manager Intelligent Grid New Technology, Energy Queensland

PANEL: Sharing innovations in spatial twins visualisations

A spatial digital twin is a new kind of business system that requires immersive connectivity and provides that immersive view back to users. Our panel discusses innovations in spatial twins including new AI apps.

Claire Daniel, PlanTech Researcher, UNSW
Phil Woodbury, Manager Spatial Data Transformation, DCSDepartment of Customer Service
Lucy Booth, Founder and Urban Planner, Giraffe Technology
Peter Rigney, Head of Data and Analytics, Ausgrid

Networking break and exhibition viewing



CASE STUDY: Creating an integrated operations centre – the autonomous brain

An intelligent operation center acts as the brain and central nervous system of a smart utility, integrating and interconnecting information and processes. Urban Utilities is developing this system as a way of minimising manual intervention in operations.

Sruthi Sahebjada, Integrated Operations Planning Leader, Urban Utilities

PANEL: Preparing for the future of AI and robotics in infrastructure

Twins are now familiar to us, however a plethora of doubts still persist, about how they can be made intelligent. We consider what integrating AI means in practice, and what comes next in the asset automation journey.

Abhik Banerjee, Associate Director of Digital Innovation Lab , Swinburne University of Technology
Alrun Wigand, Digital Strategist, Energy Queensland
Sarath Kodagoda, Professor of Robotics, Director, UTS Robotics Institute
John Thomson, Enterprise Architecture Lead, Urban Utilities
Sam Yenamandra, Manager - Asset Strategy & Performance, Murrumbidgee Irrigation

Chair’s conclusion and end of conference

Digital Earth is a first-of–a-kind project that capitalises on the ‘Big Data’ now available in the mining industry. The project involves creating a digital twin framework, providing updating visualisations of Queensland’s pre-competitive mining data including drill core data, surface geochemistry data, multiple different types of geophysics data, geological maps, cross sections, and photogrammetry scans.

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